About 5tar

5tar International Ltd. manufactures products designed to help travelers to make the most out of their traveling experience. The founders of the company are frequent business travelers who tried hundreds of different cabin trolleys during their business trips but could not find any one that was catering to the real needs of a frequent traveler; so they decided to create 5tar, the perfect luggage for frequent travelers. The combination of a lightweight, super resistant, polycarbonate hard-shell body and a scratch resistant, multi-pocket Nylon top is the innovative idea that distinguishes 5tar cabin trolleys from the competitors. The traveler version features more than 6 different front pockets while the business version, specifically designed for frequent business travelers, is equipped with a detachable laptop case. Both versions combine hard and soft materials together.

In occasion of the 2017 International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas, 5tar will launch a totally revolutionary check-in luggage which will go beyond anyone's imagination and it will make a perfect travel set with any 5tar cabin trolley.

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