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John is a frequent traveler like you

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Business Version

The revolutionary luggage with a detachable laptop bag

First ever Hard and Soft together

+50% packing space with 100% protection

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We were tired of searching for things, now everything has a place


With 5tar I can finally travel without worrying about where I have packed my documents and valuables.


I am really happy with my 5tar cabin +laptop business. A luggage with a detachable laptop bag is exactly what I needed for my frequent business trips. The quality of the materials is really good too. Highly recommended for frequent travelers like me.

Carlo Alberto - Export Area Manager Margaritelli S.p.a.

Thanks guys for this luggage, really. With my job I am always around and I do care about packing more and keeping my stuff safe. 

Han - Sales Manager Shakapass

I didn't know there was a suitcase combining hard and soft features. Handy!

Julliet - Flight Attendant KLM

If you travel frequently